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In the recent years, online shopping has steadily grown and we have seen brands setting up their online presence in order to reach more costumers.

Since vehicular traffic has sadly grown as well; people such as me would rather just shop online rather than go to a mall (and go through horrendous traffic and battle for scarce parking spaces).

However, with so many online shopping websites; one can get overwhelmed with the amount of choices one gets presented at every site so it is best to keep a shortlist or a go-to list based on what you need. I will be presenting a few of my own choices where one strict criteria that I have is the ability to earn cashback from purchases. I explained about cashback in my previous post but in a nutshell; cashback is a way for you to earn money online while shopping and this is brought to you by an online portal called ShopBack.

ShopBack is an online portal that not only consolidates online sites and marketplaces but it also tells you whether you can earn cashback when you shop at a specific site. Cashback usually ranges from 1% up to 10% of the purchase cost so that more you shop; the more you can earn back which you can reuse again to shop!

Lazada on Shopback

First on my list would be Lazada. Lazada is an online marketplace where you can get almost anything (eg. gadgets, furniture, baby products, etc.) and since the selection is huge; it is also my number one shop where I had the most purchases and earned the most at ShopBack! It does have different cashback rates depending on the item that you purchase.

Zalora on ShopBack

Second on my list would be Zalora. Zalora is more of an online mall where you can get clothing and accessories. While you can sometimes get the same selection at Lazada; Zalora is easier to navigate for brand specific items. I usually look forward to their sale as it happens often and you can get new clothes really cheap!

ShopBack’s catalogue isn’t limited to these sites but I have yet to try the online grocers and brand specific sites so I’m unable to share my experiences with them. However, these two sites got me covered already in most of my online shopping needs.

Oh one last thing; ShopBack does payouts as long as you reach the threshold of PHP200 which can be reached in 2-3 purchases!

Why Should you Join Shopback? I mean, why not?

Get PHP 100 FREE just for joining Shopback and by doing your first cashback activity.

The minimum withdrawal amout is PHP 200. This brings you 50% closer to your first withdrawal from Shopback!

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