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ShopBack Homepage
ShopBack Home Page

ShopBack allows you to earn back a percentage of what you spend on online shopping websites.

Online shopping is currently the trend with the rise of online shopping websites. You can even see traditional stores launching their own online websites to cope up with this change on consumer behavior. As long as one has a secure and reliable online connection then one can already enjoy shopping at home.

I used to be an addict to Group Buying sites but that addiction has died down. Now, I’m slowly getting pulled into the world of online shopping as it is really convenient. Also hard to resist would be the perks of getting vouchers to add discounts to your purchases which would amount to lesser cost as compared to buying in retail stores.

Another perk that adds to this online shopping temptation would be ShopBack. ShopBack allows you to earn back a percentage of what you spend on online shopping websites. To put it in an analogy, think of it as a commission for what you bought instead that YOU get the commission and not the seller.

An item bought for PHP 1000 with a 10% ShopBack would earn you back PHP 100.

How does ShopBack Work?

First, you need to create your ShopBack account (and you can create one by clicking this link). You can now start browsing for available sites once your account has been created.

Please note that cookies on your browser should be enabled for ShopBack to work.

Click on a website where you want to earn a shopback. In this example, I selected Lazada (via Shopback Mobile App).

Lazada on Shopback
Lazada at ShopBack – See available vouchers, terms and conditions for ShopBack

There’s several information that you should take note on this page.

  • Up to 8.0% CashBack – this means that this is the maximum CashBack that you can earn. Some shops offer different values based on category so take note of this.
  • CashBack Tracked Within – the time it takes for the cashback to reflect in your account after a successful purchase
  • Cashback Redeemable After – once a cashback shows up in your account, it will stay in “pending” status for 75 days (in Lazada’s example). After 75 days, it will switch to “redeemable” which will allow you to cash out.

You may also scroll down the page to see if there are discount vouchers or promos you can use.

So are you ready to shop? Then click on the “Shop Now” button and you will be redirected to the website (e.g Lazada).

Clicking on Shop Now will direct you the shop's website.
ShopBack now redirecting to Lazada

Important – Do not open a new page or close the current page once you have clicked the link. This is to ensure that the transaction you are about to do is tracked properly in ShopBack.

Just do your usual shopping activities such as selecting an item, add to cart and pay. After paying, just wait for the “CashBack Tracked within” time to see it on your account.

The Cashback from Lazada has been tracked into my account.
ShopBack earned after shopping at Lazada

For my first transaction; I earned 8% cashback from Lazada. The wait begins as I would be able to withdraw my cashback in 75 days or nearly three months.


Why is the “CashBack Redeemable After” too long? 

This is for security purposes to ensure that the transaction done was valid and has not been returned / submitted for refund. The duration coincides with the merchant’s deadline to return what you have purchased. For example, Shop 1 has a 30 day return policy then you can expect that the shopback would be redeemable only after 30 days or longer.

Does the CashBack expire? 

The Cashback accumulated in your ShopBack account will expire if your account remains inactive (i.e. no successful transactions are made through ShopBack) for a period of more than a year.

I made a purchase but my CashBack didn’t reflect? Why? 

You can submit a missing CashBack form and make sure you still have the order confirmation email. They can track your activity as long as you clicked their link.

How else can I earn? 

Aside from doing shopping, you can join through a referral link and get PHP 100 signup bonus. You can complete your profile for another PHP 100 bonus.

Why Should you Join Shopback? I mean, why not?

Get PHP 100 FREE just for joining Shopback and by doing your first cashback activity.

The minimum withdrawal amout is PHP 200. This brings you 50% closer to your first withdrawal from Shopback!

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