Synergy Global International – Who?

Disclaimer:: This post is about my own personal experience from a person who tried to deceive me into joining just to get my money. There is a need to stop deception in invites and deliver the facts straight without making up lies.

To those who are able to do just that, more power to you. But to those who make it a living out of other people’s money, this post is for you!

Did someone contact you claiming you will be earning a lot however they require that you will meet up with them first because they can’t explain everything over the phone/chat/text? Well, I had experienced this before and would like to share with my experiences with this.

The story can be read here -> Synergy Global International <- It contains the chatlog where a recruiter tried to recruit me in joining Synergy Global International.

Here are some highlights of that story:

  • The recruiter needs to meet up with you just to answer simple questions like, “where is your website?”
  • Would you believe that you can get 15k-20k a month just by selling cosmetics at home?
  • Well, the recruiter mentioned “referring”
  • The recruiter even got frustrated, telling me to “take it or leave it”. Like it was my loss?

Personally, that recruiter failed big time! He/she thinks that they can easily persuade someone to join just because of the money offer. Well, sorry to say that I was not gullible enough to believe in what they say. Simple, that person did not earn my trust hence his/her failure.

Possible Pyramid Scheme / Scam

Since I never went to that presentation, I’m just going to say it’s a possible Pyramid Scheme or Scam.

Pyramid Scheme

Basically, a pyramid is where it starts with one person. (pardon my illustration) You start at the bottom and your goal is to be on top. How do you go to the top? It’s easy! You just have to trick/fool/deceive people in joining under you by promising them money gains and easy income without doing anything. If they decide to join under you as your referral, congrats, you have stepped up in the pyramid and the one’s you have referred are now at the bottom.

How about the money earned? Well, there are two persons right? The recruiter and the one who got recruited.

  • Recruiter – Gains money from recruiting
  • Recruited – Losses money from paying the membership fee

Looking at that scenario, unless you recruit someone else, you will be at a loss and you will not gain back your initial “investment” or “capital” if you want to call it that way.

Are these pyramid scams legit? Illegal?

If they are not selling any products, then they are illegal. They have to show the world that they are sustainable without resorting to referring in order to have cash flow in their system. So the easiest way to do this is to show the world that they have products to sell and they sell well. However, most of the time, these products are just for show or a cover-up in order to prove that they are legit.

My Personal Opinion

I am against Pyramid Schemes.

To all the recruiters out there for Synergy Global International,

Just be honest! Don’t give out false promises that can only be explained once you have met the person. Remember that you are just a complete stranger to that person, “wag feeling close!” (don’t act like you are close friends with that person). It takes social skills and don’t think people are gullible to money just like you (well you got recruited right).

To those who are being recruited by Synergy Global International,

They would tell you that the presentation is visual. Basically, to summarize their presentation, just look at my drawing there. That is how they operate and they are just going to sprinkle lots of words in order to hide that fact that they want you to be under them so they can climb up the pyramid.

If you want to join,

I am not stopping you. If you think you have the persuasive powers to recruit a lot of people, then this would be a dream job for you. You will be earning a lot from their membership fees easily. The hardest step is always at the bottom since you will be desperate in trying to gain back your “membership fee”. But, I guess if you rise above fast, you will be earning a lot.

More interesting reads about this

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has experienced this. In fact, there are other bloggers who have blogged about their experiences too. You may read and decide, is this for you?

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I look regularly here by and find again and again interesting and well written contributions, therefore I would like to leave here times a greeting from Thuringia in Germany!

Bernhards last blog post..1

I have only ever had one brush with the pyramiders.

I was working at a hotel a few years ago and I had done some computer work for a few of the guests at a conference. Well, one of them approached me and said that he had a position available on his team. I didn’t do my research on what kind of conference it was and agreed to meet with him. About 1 min into our meeting I realized my mistake and made my exit as soon as possible.

I would classify them as just short of a scammer, but that may be being too nice 🙂

@Porch Lifts – Ohh I’ve attended two meetings of these and it really depends on how gullible you are to money. Their 1-2 hour meeting can still be simply summarize by my drawing above. They want you to join because they don’t want to be at the bottom of the pyramid.

I’m a businessman myself. I’ve attended their presentation late last year. I liked the information they gave. The one who invited me explained that it was about a business partnership. So it was only natural to take a look at the whole thing like the company profile, their products, and their marketing/compensation plan before I decide if I want to be part of it or not. Though I liked what I saw, I didn’t join since I already have my own business to get busy in. The person who invited me was courteous enough to let me go and promised to be in touch.

I don’t know what you saw in the two meetings you’ve attended. But I promise you, what you drew in your diagram is nowhere near what was shown to me. In fact, from the business point of view, their marketing plan made sense. It wasn’t a pyramid structure. There’s nothing wrong with a pyramid structure though. In fact, if you’re currently working right now, I bet you’re in one. And if you’re not in the top management position, I am guessing you’re in the bottom of the pyramid yourself… or close to it. All companies use the pyramid structure. In their case, their plan was really fair. Those who will really get paid a lot are the ones who really worked hard to invest on their business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the upline or not. From the plan, I saw that a downline can earn more than his/her upline provided s/he is more diligent and hardworking. And that’s fair. All businesses are like that.

To whoever made this blog, please get the facts straight first. As much as possible, see it with your own ways before you make your own judgment. Also, you may say it’s just a matter of your own personal opinion. True. But you hold in your hand the power to influence others by using this blog. I invite you to be responsible. All the more reason why you wanna straighten out the facts. People listen to you. I am so sorry if how you were invited left you with a bad taste in your mouth. I guess I was fortunate enough to receive a call from a person who was very professional about it. There are some people who are bad at it. There are some people who are good at it. It’s true for everywhere. However, don’t judge the book by its cover. The opportunity they are offering makes sense. That is something that only a mature businessman can appreciate.

More power to you and God bless!

Hi Ryk,

Thanks for your comment. It is very insightful. I can say that you were lucky to have been invited by someone who was really trained in the business (nuskin), but not all are like that. There are still those who simply want to invite you for the sake of getting your membership and they do not care about you after you have paid.

It really left a bad taste in my mouth but later on, I did talk to one of my friends who joined this program and I heard nothing but praises from him on this program. I thought of giving it a chance but still, just went on with my life.

I do not wish to reedit my post because what I experienced is what I have written. But for the sake of others, I will put up a disclaimer that hopefully will try to separate the people who invite others to help their lives and for people who invite others to make money out of them.


thank you. 🙂
I’m glad that you have come here to give some valuable insights without resorting to name-calling and giving insults, or simply yet, we call them trolls.

I’m not too sure but I think this is the same company that tried to contact me, and I also tried asking questions but all they said was that I need to come there and hear for myself. Well I didn’t haha 😀

its true!!!i got a call too.they dont want 2 explain anything over the phone.just wanna meet.weird…well.di ako interesado.goodluck sa kanila.thanks a lot…

how can you say that it is a scam by just using the LITTLE knowledge that you have? Why do you believe easily without really knowing how the system runs? and by the way, there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between scam and networking.

I agree with you THE LIGHT! networking has changed the lives of many. If it’s that sinful, then why is it making a positive difference? And joining a networking requires good decision making. Why do you say, scam or manloloko kung pinakitaan ka lang naman ng opportunity, nanloko na ba yun? Well, everything boils down to perception.

define scam:
the people on top earns higher than the people at the bottom.
So parang corporate lang. Get it?!

define networking:
recruitment is involved but you have the chance to earn higher than the one who recruited you. It will depend on your hard work and when you come to think of it, you don’t really need your upline to succeed.

Just a simple advice: if you want to get rich, ask the person who have been there. Why listen to negative people who do not have any idea about a certain system that the rich people know?

The light, supermassive, antenna and law are the same person. So it would have been better if you just posted it under one comment and not by posting 4 comments with four different names. Who are you trying to deceive?

You even put the same email address… tsk!

tnx for this BLOG! naligtas ako!! To tell you the truth I’m all dress up now ready to go to trafalgar plaza.

well… me too just being saved by the bell… just received a call just by now from a certain woman, she has a decent voice though…stating that I was being “referred” by their research team, to gain my trust she uttered the school where I came from, the course I obtained and the year that I graduated… That started to raise my suspicion, then inviting me to join their “company” offering me an amount of 20 – 30 k as salary for a part time job, for a convincing dialogue the caller even said even if I have a job she’s making it a point joining their company will never affect my present job and emphasizing they are not BPO (call center)… I asked the person who referred me to them, the caller did not gave the name but answered probably I was being referred by our school registrar… sounds credible right? but honestly I did not believe her.. I noticed she’s in a hurry and made me an instant appointment (in trafalgar plaza too – though not same name but eventually same address and all dress up thing to that I read in one of the bloggers here), just to make sure I will come she even said if I’m the type of person who canceled such appointment before it falls due I said I’m not that type of person then I asked the name of the company I’m glad she said SYNERGY GLOBAL SOLUTIONS – TRAFALGAR MAKATI OFFICE then hung up… After the call I instantly search via internet… If the company is truly existing or credible enough? but I found no official website of the company that made my eyebrow raised… until I found this link and to my surprise it is the company that I was actually searching…

Rationale: maybe I’m being referred by someone who really knew me because the caller rightfully state factual information to me (I pitied that person who referred me because he or she became part of a network business that will result to their loss) pyramiding, scam or networking will never work for me… I’m just thankful I found this link and gave me an instant warned…

Moral Lesson: Be critical, don’t trust right away! Make a research over a thing especially if it promised anything in return… No one would like to give even just one hard earned penny for nothing…

At first, I’m also NEGATIVE to Network Marketing because of “hearsay.” According to wikipedia, Hearsay is information gathered by one person from another concerning some event, condition, or thing of which the first person had no direct experience. But I’m smart enough to decide to myself – FACT or OPINION.

If you are OPEN-MINDED, this is for you. Our mind is like a parachute, if did not open, it will not work. if you open it, it will work.

I gathered here some factual informations about the business opportunity.









I totally agree. If you want to go to a beautiful place where you haven’t been yet, who are you going to ask for directions? Someone who’s been there already or someone who quit finding the place because the way is rocky and far? Choose the right person to ask for directions in life. Choose the right person to give you the influence. It’s the same in deciding whether to try network marketing or not. Say you took the 50K sign-up and didn’t get anything after a year, are you going to kill yourself for that or continue looking for opportunities in life? Riding a jeepney is a risk. Courting someone is a risk. Eating a foreign food for the first time is a risk. You’re at risk when you’re alive. Okay, so you choose to be very careful and cautious – let’s see where that brings you.

last week i received a surprise call from a girl claiming she is from lead global phils., and told me that we need to meet either in ortigas or alabang area

just had the same scam. was called up by some person inviting me to meet up. problem is im not available. great problem is, they have my resume! *sigh*

BEWARE OF THIS DECEITFUL MLM TACTIC. I’ve attended their seminar a few years ago, and yesterday I have received the same appointment again. (which I have declined)

If there is smoke, there is fire. This SGBS (Synergy Global…) is a business (located at Octagon Bldg, Ortigas & Trafalgar Plaza, Makati) wich has deceitful and unethical recruitment practice. If that’s typical of you then go ahead. But if you still want to preserve your right principles, look for a better, and more open-book (transparent) business/job opportunity.


God bless us all!

hi, my ate’s boyfriend deceived her in joining synergy/ca2020/lead global. he has been working hard in that mlm surrounded by people with MLM mindset. more than 10 years na sia dun, but until now mahirap pa din and still living with his parents. no house, no car, no investments, no business….nothing. puro yabang lang. worst part is, he recruited and deceived my ate to join their so-called business company. we tried to stop her but i think, they are really good with brainwashing people. MLM is like pyramid scam with products to cover up the scam. so beware and be aware. nagkakagulo na kami sa bahay. her boyfriend’s greed created division in our family. it will divide friends, community, and families. so again, be aware and if you know someone, alug-alugin nio ung ulo para matauhan. thanks.

scam is rooted in deception. hindi daw sila scammers as per mirriam’s dictionary. may patriotism factor pa, but they are selling foreign brand. damaged has been done to my family and we can never forgive my ate’s boyfriend for recruiting her as his downline.

I also had the exact thing done to me two days ago.

I received a call that a Biotech company based in Dubai is in need of a Financial Planner. (which was a big fat lie) The opportunity sounds very attractive and promising! So, I got excited that this very nice offer just landed on my lap. The person who called me did not introduce herself properly. She did not state the exact name of the company, despite of me asking her about it for 4 times in the duration of the call. She seems to be in a rush, vague, and she muffled all of the details. She seemed like she was speaking in gibberish. She looked like she was concealing something –it was all very fishy and suspicious.

She told me that they are looking to give me a job for a project for this certain Biotech company in Dubai. She asked me to bring my valid ID, a copy of my resume and to show up in corporate attire at 6:30 PM.

I was like, “What? Are you kidding me? A job interview at 6:30 PM? Do I look like a freaking hooker to you? What company from hell conducts a job interview in the evening?”

To cut the story short, I showed up: with a valid ID, a resume and in corporate attire. I was curious, I always have been. I am old enough, logical and I can take care of myself.

Before I headed to The Roof Deck of the Prestige Tower along Emerald Avenue in Ortigas, I texted her, asking for the name of the company again. She told me it was “S1 Group”. (which is clearly another lie.)

Off I went to the Roof Deck of Prestige Tower. I was greeted by my contact person named Phoebe Reyes. She looked eager to please and enthusiastic — the kind that makes people really uncomfortable.

I was 30 minutes late. She quickly gestured me to enter the air conditioned room. The room was filled with speakers. There was a slide show, a video presentation and all that jazz. It is obvious that they really invest in these “meetings”. I was waiting for Phoebe (or anyone, really) to ask for my resume. But no one did.

A lot of people in the audience seemed persuaded. The man sitting beside me was taking down notes during the entire talk. Most of us, were fresh graduates looking to find better work opportunities for ourselves. There were adults too: some stay-at-home moms, people from the provinces and some out-of-work middle-aged men.

The speakers seemed really trained to say the right stuff. They keep tossing these emotional-grabbing and misleading symbolisms that were designed to convince people of the promise of easy money. It was all smoke and mirrors.

After that, we were asked to go back to our contact persons and to ask them about our concerns. I asked her how she got my contact details. She nervously paused for a while and told me that they have a database. I did not ask any further, I already knew the real answer from her response. I also asked her, if we are going to all be employed and if they are employed or even directly associated with NU Skin and Pharmanex? She vaguely replied, “This is a side project of those companies. We need leaders like you.” Then she handed me out a form, asking me to write the mobile numbers of my friends. I only wrote one, my old and unused mobile number. I reasoned that my cellphone is new, and my contacts are not yet listed.

Phoebe got the impression that I was not an ounce convinced. So, she quickly led me to the elevator and told me to meet her again for coffee during the weekend with some of the other “trainers” (aka stupid-ass scammers). She also told me to Google the company of NU Skin, Pharmanex, etc. (She told me this, because the first results on Google are all about made-up websites and blogs defending the NU Skin scam. The real blogs of the scam victims were pushed back too pages 9 and 10 of Google.)

I politely told her that I will check my schedule and get back to her and hurried home.

This is a warning to everyone who is in the middle of this NU Skin ponzi-scheme.

They say this is not a pyramid scam? THINK AGAIN, and think hard. LOOK AT THE STRUCTURE. Look at it objectively. Ignore their sophisticated symbolisms, empty promises of instant wealth and their sweet words. LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE. Always.

I want to emphasize that they lied to me about:

1. The promise of a job opportunity.
2. The name of the company.

They lure jobless but educated people, fresh grads, students, people from the provinces looking for work opportunities in Manila, stay-at-home moms and jobless middle-aged people. They lure people who are desperate, gullible and naive. They take advantage of these people’s weaknesses.

Their overall intent is to DECEIVE. They resort to incredibly low and desperate means to get you to pay them Php 13,600. Their main target is to milk innocent and unsuspecting people of the money that they do not have.

This unethical business practice should be banned. It is a mean-spirited thing to do to people who have honest intentions and for people who make an honest living. There should be laws protecting us against these businesses who make profit by feeding people lies.

Lastly, DO NOT TAKE THIS OFFER. The reasons are:

1. You will not be proud of yourself, what you are doing, and what you have become.
2. Your friends and relatives will avoid and be bothered by you consistently trying to milk them of money that they do not want to spend.
3. You will hate yourself for being a dumb sucker and falling for this scam.
4. THIS IS NOT A CAREER. Peddling people lies is NOT a career.
5. This is not a noble and respectable thing to do with your life. You will live a life without a sense of dignity.

I am sure there are many more reasons, but this is all I can come up with.

I actually feel bad for the unsuspecting suckers who threw away 13K for the promise of easy money. I sincerely wish them all the best in life and I hope that they will soon live a life of dignity and respect.

If you have come this far in reading, I hope you will make the right decision. The right decision is always the decision you are happy with.

By the way, the details of my contact person for NU Skin is below:
Name: Phoebe Reyes
Mobile Number: 09154209058
Alma Mater: De La Salle – College of St. Benilde
Major: BSBA Export Management

…so that you will know who to avoid out of the thousands of NU Skin scammers littered across the archipelago.

All I can say is there’s a big difference in listening to someone who has already been there for a long time and someone who has been there for never or just several minutes. You want facts? Go immerse yourself. Picture yourself first in the worst case scenario. If you think you can still live after that, then it’s calculated risk – go ahead. If not, better stay with your month to month-based wage and feel secured and safe – everybody happy. Network marketing is simply NOT FOR EVERYONE.

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