Panasonic Lumix ZS3

The Panasonic Lumix ZS3 that blogging bought.

Ten years ago (2010), I visited and bought my first digital camera at Hidalgo Street, Quiapo. That camera was the Lumix ZS3 from Panasonic. It was special to me because it was the first big purchase I made through my earnings as a blogger and it helped my open my food blog.

So why a digital camera?

Looking back, the only reason that I wanted a digital camera was so I can take pictures of events. It could be the blogger events that I attend, family events and travel. At that time, smartphones weren’t as advanced as they are now in terms of the camera department.

I also remember thinking that if I carry a camera during blogging events then it would give me more authority. I don’t know if this was really true but it did make me feel good.

Point and Shoot or SLR?

Point and shoot for the win! I said I was lazy 10 years ago and it still holds true now. I still haven’t graduated from the basics of photography. Sure, I am now familiar with the terms such as aperture, white balance, shutter speed, iso and the likes but I still fail to practice them on a regular basis. I still rely on the Super Auto mode when taking pictures.

Research to Panasonic

My friends suggested Panasonic so I obliged. I was a newbie so I followed. I also researched online through the following websites.

  • Steve’s Digicams
  • DPReview
  • Digital Photography School
  • Imaging Resource

I was torn between two cameras. Should I get the super zoom Lumix ZS3 or the mighty LX3? While the LX3 might have been the better choice in restrospect, I was happy with the ZS3 because it was cheaper and it had super zoom. See what my criteria was?

Two weeks after I bought the camera, Panasonic revealed their new cameras ZS5 and ZS7. They have addressed the main issue that ZS3 owners complain about which was the lack of manual controls.

Lumix ZS3 Purchased

I bought the camera at Henry’s Camera and Photo Supply shop in Hidalgo Quiapo.

I also bought some accessories for my camera.

  • 8GB Transcend Class 6 SDHC Card from Mayer’s, Hidalgo Quiapo
  • Case Logic Camera Case from Case Logic, SM Mall of Asia (finding a case of ZS3 was challenging because the ZS3 was fat!)
  • Screen protector from a store in Glorietta
  • ZS3 Battery (DMW BCP10pp) via EBAY and claimed it from PhilPost Office


It felt good to reminisce about this. I’m trying to remember if I still have the camera or not but I’m sure it wasn’t working anymore. It suffered a bad fall that directly impacted the lens. It won’t focus anymore. Still I am thankful for the wonderful five years it gave me.

Till next time,


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Dude ZS3 is a dud! I bought a ZS7 and the image quality and features makes me glad to be alive.

Allen, don’t believe what Gilbert said. The ZS3 image quality is better than the newer ZS7. Go to Flickr or to any one of many camera forums and you will see that most serious users consider the image quality of the ZS7 a step down. Plus manual controls aren’t as useful as you may think. For example with a DSLR we can control DOF by choosing aperture, with a small sensor P&S we have almost no control over DOF because everything is generally in focus from near to far anyway.

Just for the record, I have three DSLRs, I have two Fujifilm P&S cameras and 4 Lumix P&S cameras including the ZS3 which I bough after the ZS7 was already out.

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