WDTV Live Turns Files into Folders and How to Recover them

WDTV Live Turns Files into Folders and How to Recover them

Western Digital TV Live Box

Lately, WDTV Live has been corrupting my external hard drives. Random files (movies, pictures) will turn into a folder that cannot be modified nor deleted. I’m glad there has been a fix.

I love my WDTV live! It has been my TV’s partner for a long time now and it is still going strong. Two hard drives later; I noticed a weird problem. WDTV has this tendency to not allow ejecting of the drive (similar to safely remove hardware in PCs). This means that the only way I can get it out is to power off the machine and risk corrupting my drives.

This happens a lot and when I plug my drive into the PC; it would ask for a scan/fix because there’s a problem. This problem just goes away on its own but there’s a deeper problem.

Files are turning into folders. These folders cannot be deleted. These files cannot be modified. They are just there. Once a file has converted into a folder; that file cannot be read and if it was a movie file; then say goodbye.

I thought a reformat will solve the trick so I reformatted my drive and did a full chkdsk as well after reformatting. It worked for a few tries but a few days later; the files are turning into folders again.

I have searched for answers while this is detailed in this thread; there hasn’t been no official response from WD and only workarounds have been posted.

WDTV Live – random avi files being converted to folders

It is a long thread but if you want to jump directly into the workaround; just visit this link.

and use the file. I don’t know what magic it does but it does convert the corrupted folder files back to their original state.

This isn’t a permanent fix as it doesn’t stop them from converting back to folders but at least you can convert it back. I’m posting this now as a reference in case this happens again.

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