CommentLuv gives you backlinks, Feedburner Feedsmith steals them

I found this great post from Dexter where he suggests that we should not use the commentluv and feedburner feedsmith plugins together. Actually the reason why was very simple…

How CommentLuv Works?

CommentLuv Plug-in

CommentLuv is a plug-in the will get the title of your last post from your feeds and then add it to your comment when commenting on a blog that has enabled this plug-in. The purpose of this blog is to give backlinks to your latest posts. It’s a great plug-in and I should remind myself to add this to my list of essential plug-ins to add to your wordpress blog.

I better add this so that people won’t get confused…

If you install CommentLuv on your blog, you are doing a favor to your visitors because you will be giving them a free backlink (not the other way around). However, by default, the backlink is no-follow.

How FeedBurner Feedsmith works?

Feedsmith aims to redirect all feed request to feedburner. Basically, when you type, it will automatically redirect to as long as you have this plug-in installed. The purpose of this plug-in is to consolidate all feed request into one place so that feedburner can record your feed subscribers more accurately.

CommentLuv + Feedsmith = Lost of backlinks

The problem here lies when you put together CommentLuv and Feedsmith together. Here’s a short step-by-step on how they work together:

Post a comment at Silkenhut’s World

1. You post a comment on a blog like on this post (note that comments like those will never last 1-2 days on this blog. ^_^)

Begging for feeds

2. CommentLuv will be requesting for your feeds to get the latest post


3. FeedSmith catches the request and redirects Commentluv to Feedburner

CommentLuv gets the post title and the feedburner url of the latest post

4. CommentLuv gets the post title and the feedburner url of the latest post

CommentLuv enhanced comment

5. CommentLuv will then add the following info to your comments.

Whew, adding those pictures took a while but I hope I have made my point clear. Do you see what’s the problem when you use CommentLuv together with Feedsmith? (Clue: look at the url)

CommentLuv gives you backlinks but feedburner feedsmith steals them


It seems that I got confused on what I was writing… Allow me to update what I was writing…

If you install them both, instead of giving your commentators a free backlink, you just gave feedburner a back link that they don’t need. Just to clear things up, CommentLuv is a plug-in that benefits your visitors and not you.

The common solution here is to deactivate (uninstall) feedsmith. However there are two sides on the story and it depends whether feedsmith is there or not.

  • With feedsmith, you will have more accurate feed stats and (loss of backlinks) no backlinks to your commentators
  • Without feedsmith, (you will have backlinks) your commentators will have backlinks and probable loss of accuracy in tracking your feed stats.

That was a bit techy so let’s make it simpler, if you comment on a blog that has CommentLuv enable and…

  • has feedsmith, the url of your last post is (free backlink to feedburner)
  • has no feedsmith, the url of your last post is (free backlink to your blog)

I chose to deactivate feedsmith. I’d rather have more back links than have accurate statistics… I’d rather give my commentators backlinks instead of having more accurate statistics. ^_^

Which do you choose?

Tell me your choices in the comments before.

My apologies for the confusion. I got confused myself too. I already edited the confusing parts and hopefully it won’t be confusing anymore. Let this be a good blogging experience. 🙂 Thank you.

61 thoughts on “CommentLuv gives you backlinks, Feedburner Feedsmith steals them

  1. Nice post Allen, agree, i’d rather have more backlinks.. i’ll deal with the feed stats later. Stumbled!


    ITrush’s last blog post..Hannah Montana – My Secret Pillow Diary

  2. Nice one.. Properly explained.. Thanks for the link.. I like the pictures 🙂

    Dexter |’s last blog post..Be a Plumber Fix Your Leaking Site

  3. It’s a hard one as Feedburner is such a useful service but those backlinks are nice. Comment Luv does have its own problems though, I’ve seen a few blogs fall down after installing comment luv as it slows down the commenting process.

  4. Good point. I’m a bit confused though. If I may point out: you’re saying

    “If you install them both, instead of giving yourself a free backlink, you just gave feedburner a back link…”

    But I don’t have to have CommentLuv installed on my own blog in order for it to work on yours, right? I mean, if *you* have CommentLuv and *I* have FeedSmith, and I comment on your site, your CommentLuv will pull the feed from my FeedSmith instead of from my Site.

    So I don’t have to have CommentLuv installed myself – did I get it right?

    Because in that case, I would say it depends on the amount of commenting you do on other blogs. Also, I haven’t come across too many sites using CommentLuv so far – PLUS, in order for the backlink to count, these sites must have a plugin like DoFollow or Link Love enabled!

    So if I understand it correctly, that would reduce the chances of getting backlinks to your own site (not many blogs use CommentLove, and even less use them together with DoFollow).

    Maybe I’m completely wrong though 🙂

    Vibr8’s last blog post..Illustrator Trick: How to avoid blurred Pixel Fonts & Shapes

  5. I’ve never realised that. Thanks for letting us know!

    I have just deactivated feedsmith in my blog. You just need to make sure that you change all feed links to feedburner to keep your stats.

    pregnancy facts’s last blog post..Looking for Childcare for Your Child

  6. You wrote this post better than you think you did. Good job! Thanks for informing us about this. 🙂

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  7. good thing that i dont use any of those. but glad you tell us. thanks for visiting my site! Godbless

  8. Thanks for sharing about this issue. I was never aware of it until now.

    In my case, I deactivated FeedBurner Feedsmith because all my RSS links are hard coded (as far as I know) so it means I won’t be losing track of any new RSS subscribers. 😀

    Jaypee’s last blog post..Goodbye Dreamhost, Hello MediaTemple!

  9. Thanks for taking an effort to explain this. I recently installed CommentLuv — I remember posting about it here last month. I don’t have Feedsmith, though.

    Ederic’s last blog post..Nagbabalik

  10. @Itrush – Thanks for the stumble! I appreaciate the traffic it sent me. 🙂

  11. @Dexter – Hi Dexter, I still give the credit to you since you were the one who discovered this. 🙂

  12. […] Feedburner Feed Smith – Redirects your feeds so that it is being handled by Feedburner. There’s a problem with this if you use it with the CommentLuv plug-in. Read more about it here, feedsmith and commentluv. […]

  13. Likewise I was unaware of the conflict with feedsmith and have deactivated it on my other blog. Now I just have to figure out the best way to keep track of subscribers.

    Greenie’s last blog post..Almost Time For Picnics And Fun

  14. @Greenie – What I did as a workaround for this is to replace all instances of into the feedburner address. ^_^

  15. Digital Products Review says:

    You can go into Feedburner and set this redirect so it counts for search engine hits. By default, it doesn’t. It has to do with the type of redirect it uses.
    But that was not the point of my comment. Just wanted to let you know that I put your blog on a CommentLuv blog list. Have a great day!

    Digital Products Review’s last blog post..Link Love for CommentLuv Blogs Part 1 of 3

  16. if you search “This blog uses CommentLuv v1.0 which will try and parse your last blog post, please be patient while it finds it for you” followed by your keywords you will find sites that are related to you and give some CommentLuv. This may see worthless, but it does help you build up a community.

    Sending some CommentLuv at you.

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  17. tv on the web says:

    Hi there. I like commentluv. I think it’s a great tool to gain backlinks and to entice people to leave comments, thus adding value to your blog. thanks for this informative post.

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  18. @Digital Products Review – Oh I see. Thanks for the info (I’m going to try it out) and for the link love. I really appreciate it.

  19. @Richard McLaughlin – Ah yes, that’s a great idea. In fact, I made a post just for that technique.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. tv on the web – You are welcome! I’m glad you found this post helpful.

  21. Hi very informative article and i think that commentluv is the best around.

    Juniis last blog post..Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate Marketing

  22. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of great articles there are on CommentLuv. I never imagined it would get so big, 2 million calls to the remote script already this month!

    Andy Baileys last blog post..Euromillions MASSIVE Rollover and Free Contest – 1 more week!

  23. The question I have is whether Feedburner really steal the backlinks OR do they pass through to your URLs? An SEO I trust tells me that tinyurls pass through and these may too. I’m checking with another SEO to see if we can get a definitive answer.

    Also, whether you have the Feedburner Feedsmith plugin installed only affects YOUR comments wherever you leave them and not comments others leave. You can prove that by looking at the comments in my blog. MINE are redirecting but those left by others not using that plugin are not.

  24. Nice post. What about keywordluv, did you use it?

  25. Never tried the keyword love. I might just give it a go!

  26. Do you use commentluv?

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  28. Hi –

    Its important to edit feedburner (See post by Digital Products Review above). “You can go into Feedburner and set this redirect so it counts for search engine hits!”

    Cheers – Rhys

  29. good job have a nice day and thanks for sharing with us

  30. Plugins that encourage more user interaction like Commentluv are a win win if you ask me. More bloggers should use it.

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  38. im confused!!
    I have feedburner in my blog, you have commentluv here, if i post a comment then the link to my site will be the feedburner one?

  39. I really learned something here. I had planned on installing comment luv on my blogs and I will. But I need to understand this feedburner thing a bit better. Does this situation apply also to other feed type applications?

    If we can’t have an active feed on our blog then there is no way for our visitors to subscribe, right?

  40. Creating back links from commenting is a great tool. The best way to find these are to go an use googles operator for example: In the google search box enter the following: intext:”powered by wordpress” AND “KeywordLuv” OR “CommentLuv” this will pull out all blogs that provide the plugin and to filter out non blogs we incorporate the “powered by wordpress”

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