Got a Clay Detailing Work on my Car

Got a Clay Detailing Work on my Car

Last Saturday, I was only planning to have my car washed and waxed for the shiny top quality effect but the person who was washing my car pointed out that something is wrong with my car paint. I was in Genki Spa btw.

It was full of white spots all over its body and was asking if I parked it somewhere where someone was doing a paint job. I already saw this before but I thought that it was just dust so I brought it to the car wash but sadly, it wasn’t dust but looks like paint. It was all over the car (I already mentioned this), in the body, windows and even the rain shield on top of the windows. It really looked ugly and he suggested that before the car gets waxed, those spots should be removed too.

At first, I thought it was just an extra service and I was thinking, wow, so nice of him, but I was wrong. The removal of those spots is called Clay Detailing and it will cost me PHP2100 (~~$42). My initial cost to pay for simply wash and wax would be around PHP600 ($12) only but since the spots was there, I agreed to have it done to my car.

So here is their package for Clay Detailing:

  • Car wash with vacuum / tireblack
  • Clay Detailing
  • 1 layer Wax

Only 1 layer… I wanted to have a 2 layer wax for it but it requires me to pay extra so 1 layer it is. I observed him as he was rubbing my car like hell.

For the car body, he was using a clay. I’m sure it isn’t just any clay that we use to play with (Claydough anyone?) but it was a detailing clay. He would spray some liquid from a bottle labeled H2O but it has bubbles so I would guess that it was water with soap. That would serve as his lubricant then he would do some rubbing then wipe it with a big cloth. He would repeat it again and do it all over the car!

For the car windows, he did not use clay but used something that look liked a steel wool. He would still do the same procedure by lubricating it first, rub then wipe. He did this for around 3-4 hours I think and that was really tiresome job.

After all that rubbing, wax was applied and I was checking it (I went home and returned only after 2 hours btw) and it really looks good. The white spots were gone although there are a few stubborn spots left. The car was shiny and I was happy. I happily paid for the service and went zoom zoom again!

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