My First Adbrite Check and my adsense problem

A few days ago, I was just cleaning up my room when somebody brought me a letter. I was wondering who would be sending me a mail and when I got it, it was from Adbrite. I said, wow! I did not expect this coming so I opened the mail and found a check. ^_^

The amount was $50.17.  I know it’s just pocket money to other bloggers out there but seeing this check is something new for me. But this also brings me to a minor problem. How do I encash this? I called my parents and they told me I have two choices.

  1. Get a dollar account and deposit this check or
  2. Convert this to peso.

I’m not really familiar with these money stuff so I’m hoping one of you can give a suggestion on what I can do with this.


My second topic for this post would be my adsense problem. I have been thinking that I need to withdraw my money there because as long as the money sits there, it is still not mine and I could not say that I have made money online via adsense (that would be my proof!).

Well, here is my problem. I would like to get my money via Western Union because I see it to be a better alternative than to use snail mail (due to horror stories of people getting their adsense checks stolen). However, as I was reading the policies and guidelines, it says that my name in the Payee account should be equal to my name in my government Ids. Well, that is the problem because they are not equal. I did not put my second name in my adsense account (also my payee name) so would that make me ineligible for withdrawal via Western Union?

.. just to end, I got my PR back. Oh it is just a 2 but it’s more than the 0 i had for the last few months.

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58 thoughts on “My First Adbrite Check and my adsense problem

  1. Some Western Union branches are lax and might not mind. It’s just a second first name right? The most important information for them is the MTCN. But then, I’m not sure if that’s still the case if you’re withdrawing thousands of dollars. Well, just give it a try. They’ll credit it back to your account if it remains unclaimed in 60 days.

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    • @Rex, Yes it’s my second first name. Actually my driver’s license contains my full name with middle name so I don’t know if that will complicate things. I guess, I have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip!

  2. tumatanggap na ang western union ng Employment ID. See here. Suggestion ko, magpagawa ng employment ID sa kumpanya mo na kapareho ng Payee name mo sa Google. Isang ID na lang naman kailangan sa WU.

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  3. Congratulations, Allen! You’re getting checks and your PR is back. 🙂 Can’t help you with how to get your payments, considering I don’t know how things work where you are, but I imagine your bank would be obliged to clear it, if you deposit it into your a/c. Might take a long time, but there shoudl be no problem.

    • @Ling, Thanks Ling! There had been a lot of temptations to be bad again but I resisted it and became a good blogger now. I have been asking more people about this dollar check and I have gotten some great ideas from them. 🙂

  4. yay same here may adbrite check na din ako 😀

    btw, you can’t convert it to peso, u really need to deposit it to a dollar account. pwede sa kakilala mo, basta may manager’s approval ng bank, pwede din sa akin 😀 may dollar account me sa bpi.

    mga adbrite checks ko nasa dollar account ko na. you need to wait at least 45 days for it to be cleared. tagal no? nyok 😀

  5. and about sa adsense, si winston, ang name nya sa adsense ay Winston Almendras lang, sa ID Chairell Winston Almendras, yet nakuha nya parin 😀 Kaya try other western union branches 🙂

  6. wow! congrats sa check mo at sa pagbalik ng PR mo… hehhehe… i-deposit mo na agad yan at ayusin mo na agad yang western union problem mo at ng malibre mo naman ako ng food! wahahhahahhah… looking forward! aaaww! hehehheh 😀

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  7. try mo kumuha sa Mluilier (tama ba spelling?) instead. they’re more lenient than RCPIs

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  8. kulitin mo lang yung mga tao dun. hmmm..try to convince them na iisang tao kayo. hehhe. tas di na pwedeng ichange sa Google yung name mo. hehehe.. In case na pumayag and you get your money, try to keep the western union yellow form para pwede mong ipakita as proof na pumayag sila the next time you claim your money.

    • @Winston, pwede!

      Or, if hindi sila convinced, pagawa ka nalng ng Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons na nagsasabing “Allen” and “Allen with the second name” are one and the same person.


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      • @sweet, oh. another way to claim .. thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t know that getting my adsense money would be this be complicated but I just want to make sure. hhe

    • @Winston, wow! nice, mabuti yan. I will try this soon, also dahil 1 ID policy din na sinabi ni Macuha, dko na kailangan mag hanap pa ng isa haha

  9. @Rome, how did he do it? because I got this from Google help.

    If you are located in China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, or Thailand, you will not have the option to update your payee name within your account. Should you require a payee name change and you are located in one of these countries, you will need to close your account and submit a new application with your desired payee name following the steps below.


    • @Allen Gurrea, mmm wag mo mind yan lol try mo mag email sa google adsense team. Accomodating naman sila, d lang masyado mabilis ang reply. Sabihin mo lang ano nangyari sa account mo. Na totoo naman name gamit mo pero nakalimutan mo lang lagyan ng second name etc etc.

      Note: ayusing mo lang pagkasulat ang email. Act like desperate ka na talga at d mo na alam ang gagawin hehe

  10. pasingit na rin ako allen… adsense ko is named under my wife… May second name sya adsense pero wala sa IDs, ung WU na kinukunan nmin (and a rural bank here) pumapayag naman… cheeseburger!!

  11. Wow congrats Bro! I guess you have all the answers you need kaya di na ako mag sa suggest hahaha. M Lhuillier nga hindi sila masyadong mahigpit dun! Di ko pa natry ang adbrite. Hmmmm masubunga nga!

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  12. Btw, question – ok lang bang magkasama ang Adbrite at Adsense sa isang page?

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  13. ung sa adsense mo madali lang yan.. get a postal id, it takes about 3 days.. make sure your payee name matches your postal id..

    as for the adbrite check.. madali din lang yan.. go to a money changer.. may tumatanggap ng checks na ngaun.. try mo.. ganun ginagawa ko if i get a check from adbrite or adultfriendfinder.. choose the money changer na may link to any banks para mas madali..

    congrats on your PR..”)


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  14. Buti pa u may napapala ka sa adbrite. Sakin puro barya kaya tinigil ko na. Pati Widgetbucks madaya. Shopzilla medyo OK pa.

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  15. Mga bossing pasali sa discussion…
    medyo tagal na nasundan ang posting dito pero anyway
    ask ko lang po ang regarding sa Adbrite Check!
    kase po padating na yong akin by May mga more than $100 po yon.

    Aside po sa suggestion ni @lady dyan sa itaas na baka pwede sa
    money changer..
    wala po bang ibang alternative maliban of course sa pag open ng dollar account which is imposible sa katayuan ko.

    Pwede po ba ito ipa encash directly sa bank “over the counter” baga?
    Kase sa pag research ko ang Wells Fargo Bank ang check ni Adbrite ay represented by BPI here in our country. Pero di ko pa na try kase sa Mayo pa po ipapadala yong adbrite check ko.

    Para dun sa mga kababayan natin nakatangap ng Adbrite check ngayon? Pwede nyo po bang subukan? Pa encash sa BPI?

    Para na rin po sa kaalaman ng lahat?
    Thanks po.

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  16. pnoyconnect says:

    ask ko lang po if nsa saudi ako pede ko bang sa pilipinas ipadala yung adbrite checks ko ok lang kaya na kahit saudi ang IP add ko pero address ko Philippines? pls help thanks po.

  17. pnoyconnect says:

    thanks po. any feedback sanyo for shopzilla or chikita or clicksor kc right now adbrite at exit junc gamit ko. nagaplay na po me sa widgetbucks kaso nilagay ko na ala nmang ads kya ayusin ko pa.ano ba sa nyo ang may kita?kick out kc ako sa adsense invalid clicks daw hehe ano kaya yun!

  18. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa padating na din ung adbrite check ko daw sabi sa email ng adbrite, kakatakot naman wala me dollar account 🙁

  19. I recently added an Adsense square ads on my travel blog. my adsense earning is still low since i dont have large volume of internet traffic yet.

  20. anyone there who can help me to claim my first money in my adbrite? T__T Im lost

  21. papano po convert to peso yung adbrite check?
    Tsaka pwede po bang di na mag-open ng dollar account?

  22. I used Clicksor and Infolinks and i would have to say that infolinks pays better than clicksor..`-

  23. Mel Torres says:

    tagal na ng post na to.. wala pa bang nakaka-pag encash ng adbrite check sa inyo? Meron din akong more thank $100 pero until now e nasa kin pa rin. Papa-frame ko na lang siguro to. 🙂

    Yung nagsasabing pwede sa money changer, pwede mo ba kami i-refer sa money changer na sinasabi mo? thanks.

    • Hi Mel, to encash your adbrite check, you can create a dollar account using the same name as your check. Note that checks expire after 6 months (from adbrite).

  24. hello po! naka-receive na rin ako last july 1 ng adbrite cheque. kaso wala akong dollar account. pumunta ako sa bpi. $500 daw ang opening. so, punta ako ng bdo kasi wala akong $500. sa bdo kasi $200 lang pwede ka ng mag-open. ang kaso sabi sakin ng supervisor or manager ata yun, kailangan kong magpakita ng proof of transactions. ano ba yun? e cheque lang naman pinadala sa akin. eto pa, kung mag-oopen daw ako ng dollar account, after 6 months pa daw ako pwedeng maghulog ng cheque. e, up to 180 days lang ung cheque na yun na hanggang ngayon na sakin pa rin. sayang din yung kinita ko na yun! balak kong bumalik na lang sa bpi kahit $500 opening nila kaso di ko pa alam kung ganon din patakaran nila.

    Help naman pano ba to?

  25. Hi may padating din po ako cheque from adbrite,ask ko lang if pwede ko ideposit yun sa acount ng kapatid ko provided local bank acount yun gamit nya?,wala kc ko sariling acount..need your reply asap..TIA

  26. Clicksor pays on time but i signed up on Infolinks coz they say it is great too-:`

  27. Keep it up man,,
    Good luck!

  28. hi.. may I ask how did you encash your check from adbrite here in the Philippines? I’m having the same problem 🙁 Thanks in advance

  29. Yehey! I got my first adbrite check today for $50.30. Tawag ako ng UnionBank. Need ko ng dollar accout at $500 ang minimum na kailangang i-open.

    Tawag ako sa BPI. Pwedeng ipa-receive sa kanila yung check tapos mae-encash after 45 banking days. Problem lang, minimum amount ng check $100. So pumunta ako sa settings ng adbrite account ko at binalik sa $100 yung minimum payment. Excited kasi ako makatanggap ng payment kaya binaba ko dati yun from $100 to $50. So binalik ko na ito sa default settings. Hopefully next check, mae-encash ko na hehehe

    Tulad ng iba sa inyo, ipapa-frame ko na lang yung First Check ko. Learning experience 🙂

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