My first attempt at Affiliate Marketing – Rejection

Affiliate Marketing

I admit, I spent a lot of time asking why Google dropped me, thus I was sulking. However, I realized that this won’t do me any good so I started looking for alternatives on how I can make money online even aside from this blog. Well, I browsed and I read a lot of forums, blog posts and other landing pages of ebook selling dudes and decided to pursue, Affiliate Marketing.

My basic idea of Affiliate marketing is that…

  • you promote a product from a company
  • somebody buys what you promote
  • you earn commissions from that company

I also have read that a lot of people are using the Ebay Partner Network and so I decided to apply to it. After a few hours, I got an email I got rejected.

Well, I’m still wondering why I got rejected as this is my first time so has anyone joined the Ebay Partner Network and managed to get in? I would really love to hear your experiences about it. πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “My first attempt at Affiliate Marketing – Rejection

  1. hey allen! nag apply din ako sa Ebay partner network mga 2 months ago na. na reject din. tingin ko, di pa sila erady i support ang philippines though halos complete na yung list of city and provinces sa philippines. I tried signing up again, ibang address. US adrress, just to check kung ma aapprove.

    after few hours. na approve na. probably, baka next year pede na ebay partner network sa philippines

  2. nadecline din ako nung nasa CJ pa sila eh!

    Ewan ko lang ngayon kasi nasa Pepperjam na sila eh.

    Paul Us last blog post..Get a good back link for a niche site [Digg]

  3. BTW, tanong ko lang kung anong ad network yung smart buddy.

    I’m currently looking for an affiliate program that I could signed with and would work on my site.

    Paul Us last blog post..Get a good back link for a niche site [Digg]

  4. Well, I dunno why you got rejected, but you could ask them. Or send them a link to this post. Posting about rejection on your blog usually makes their customer service department wake up quickly.

  5. well, i’m just starting out with pepperjam. i applied as ebay partner thru them but my status is still being reviewed.

  6. @Deric – Hmm your address is on the US but your IP is from the Philippines, wouldn’t that raise suspicions? So how did it go? If it was successful, I’d do it too lying about my address. hehe

  7. @Paul U – Hi Paul, thanks for visiting. I also was declined from CJ, ebay and pepperjam. I did a bit of research and I think it is better to apply directly to Ebay so that is what I’m going to pursue.

    Btw, the smart ads are from Abe’s (Yugatech) advertising network.

  8. @Ling – The first reason I thought about why I got rejected is because I’m from the Philippines, but seeing the comment of gladita, it seems it is not the case. I did send an email to their customer support about why I got rejected. I hope to get a good answer.

    I was really excited lol, then got I got rejected hehe

  9. @Gladita – I got rejected also by pepperjam. May I know what did you do to get accepted? Thanks very much! πŸ™‚

  10. I got approved last July 7. I forgot if I applied through a link at I just filled up the details they wanted as completely as I can. Nothing special really. Maybe I just got lucky. πŸ˜€

    gladitas last blog post..Earn Extra Money Online with Pepperjam Network

  11. Anong URL nung smartads dahil tinayp ko browser ko yung pero ang napuntahan ko ay mukhang real estate website eh?

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  12. Nakita ko na rin yung url kaya lang hindi ko alam kung paano ako magiging affiliate or paano yung sisteman nila.

    Paul Us last blog post..Problem that is facing newly graduate

  13. You know what? the IP didn’t matter. I got approved in 24 hours. The thing is, you wont be able to use it too since you need to enter US tax info. πŸ™

    derics last blog post..Protected: My Fifth Adsense Earnings

  14. register ka na with nuffnang πŸ˜€ same with blog bank siya, CPM ads, pero i think it’s much better, and they pay on time πŸ˜€ check my latest post.. hehe

    btw, I’m accepted sa pepperjam.. don’t know anong qualifications pero may pepperjam me.. di lang ako active at di din ako naka login sa pepperjam account ko.. hehe

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  15. @Gladita – Aww good for you. I wish they would tell me why I got rejected too. Thanks for the info. πŸ™‚

  16. @Paul U – Punta ka sa redsightmedia na yahoo groups. Try mo mag join dun. πŸ™‚

  17. @Jehz – ahh may invite din ako neto pero dko alam ung IC# pero nagbasa ako ng blog mo at alam ko na ngaun. So mag register ulit ako. hehe

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  31. I also have read that a lot of people are using the Ebay Partner Network and so I decided to apply to it. After a few hours, I got an email I got rejected.

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