Why I removed Global Translator Plug-in from my blog

Why I removed Global Translator Plug-in from my blog

Earlier today, I saw a comment in my post, “How to make Global Translator Plug-in compatible with adsense” that explains why this plug-in is bad for your blog with regards to search engine optimization (SEO).

First, let us discuss what this plug-in is all about and how it can help your blog.

The Global Translator plug-in aims to translate your blog to different languages automatically. It uses the free translation tools you can find in the net (Google translate, babelfish) where it makes a query for your blog and saves the translated result into a file in your blog. These files will then be loaded on demand if someone looks at your blog in a different language.

The URLs generated from these translated pages just adds a prefix to your original URLS. For example, you have /my-post/, it will become /ro/my-post/.

It aims to make your blog multi-lingual by providing this service automatically but thanks to a comment and further reading, I decided to remove / de activate this plug-in from my blog.

Here are some points (cited from other blogs) that made me want to remove the plug-in.

[Reason # 1]
According to Digital Inspiration, it is illegal to store the translated pages (when you used Google Translation) for more than 15 days. The plug-in generates files out of these translations and stores them on your blog forever!

There is an option to set the frequency of “re-translating” the post though.

[Reason # 2]
Not all languages are supported by Adsense and it is against their TOS (Terms of Service) to use adsense on unsupported languages. This can be easily by my post on How to make Global Translator Plug-in compatible with adsense

[Reason # 3]
It gives you a lot of Google Webmaster Tool Crawl Errors. Please see mine as an example!

HTTP ‎(464)‎ In Sitemaps ‎(0)‎
Not followed ‎(17,665) Not found ‎(133) Restricted by robots.txt ‎(180)
Timed out ‎(0)
Unreachable ‎(1)‎

The reason why there are a lot of crawl errors is that, whenever Google Crawls your page in a different language and the plug-in has not translated it yet, boom, dead link for you.

I was really wondering before what causes these issues (I know it came from the plug-in) but how do I stop or prevent them?

[Reason # 4]
Server space and processing! Note that for post translated in a language, it is a request (processed by your blog in background) to the Translation service and it will result in a file stored on your server. If you have enabled a lot of languages and have lots of posts, the effects will really inflate.

Some more interesting Reads about this issue

So there you have it, reasons why I uninstalled the plug-in from my blog. Btw, uninstalling is not as easy as de-activating the plug-in on your blog since you have to deal with the following:

  • Files created by the plug-in
  • translated pages indexed in search engines

This will be the target of my next post on how to uninstall Global Translator Plug-in without any side effects to your blog especially on a search engine point of view.

4 thoughts on “Why I removed Global Translator Plug-in from my blog

  1. very informative… i have a question, i have a google tanslator into my blog which i got from google in html format… take a look at my blog to see it http://w7xtreme.blogspot.com
    i want to remove it now, so by just removing the hmtl codes will prevent my blog from translating it to other language? what is the complete instruction in deactivating google translation?

    1. How are the pages being generated? Usually removing what generates the translation would already do the trick but you also need to request google to remove the translated pages from their index(via google webmaster tools). Hope this helps.

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