WordPress Redirection Plugin – What it can do for your blog

Ever since I read Dexter’s tip on redirecting posts, I also applied it to my blog. After a few days of using it, I noticed some good and bad effects to my blog.

Let us start first with the bad effect which is the massive drop of pageviews in my blog (So depressing!). Now for the good effect is the increase in adsense earnings.

Want to know the complete story?

A lot of my search engine visitors are perverts!!!

Top ten keywords that drives traffic to my blog

Everytime I look at the keywords that drives traffic to my blogs, 9 out of ten of them are searching for pinay $candals. At first, I was ok with this because I was happy of the increase of perverts, I mean visitors to my blog. However, I realized that what’s the point of getting lots of visitors but you get nothing out of it? Even if I put adsense in the posts, it won’t have an effect because Adsense doesn’t show ads for s-e-x related topics.

So in the end, I’m just wasting my precious bandwidth on these perverts. 🙂

Dexter’s brilliant idea

I was doing my readings in Google Reader and I found this post by Dexter on how he used the redirection plug-in to redirect his pervy visitors to his other posts. I thought about it and said to my self, this is a great idea! So I applied the redirect plug-in too.

The bad results – massive drop in blog visitors

My visitors are declining

When I checked my stats, I got a big shock. Anyone who owns that site/blog that sees this will. My visits were declining. I really don’t know why. The only change that I did was to add redirection so that’s my first suspect but I’m not really so sure. (Dexter, if you are reading this, can you confirm? or am I just unlucky? )

The good results – Adsense earnings goes up!

My adsense earnings in the last 7 days

This will be the first time I’ll be posting my pathetic adsense earnings but I have to say, this is my best week after adding adsense to my blog months ago. (Please don’t laugh at my adsense performance hehe)

In conclusion

Less perverts (maybe?) and more adsense earnings. I’m happy with the results but I really need to investigate on why my visitors suddenly took a plunge. Anybody got an idea?
I also need to remind myself to make a guide on how to use the wordpress redirection plug-in. Watch out for it soon.

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8 thoughts on “WordPress Redirection Plugin – What it can do for your blog

  1. Yup I am reading your post.. Decline in visitors is probably because ,, the visitors think that there are no really $candal post in this blog so they go away fast. That makes increase in Bounce Rates

    The high adsense earning is also an effect that I have felt. This is because the tendency of those search engine vistors is to look and search and they will just try to click on any link that they can see which look attractive to them

    Perhaps links about money..

    I would suggest to use this plug in if you have a high referral for any keyword which is not relate to your blog. But I do not suggest this if you are getting your result from Search engine..

    This might penalized your blog… ( Needs to confirm )

    I am only redirecting referred post which is not related to my blog

    Dexter : Techathand.net’s last blog post..Category Label in Sidebar Important or Not ?

  2. @Dex – Really Google will penalize my blog for using redirect? Let’s experiment on that first.
    Actually it’s ok for me even if those pervs won’t visit my site anymore. Atleast I’m getting quality traffic and not perverted traffic. hehe ^_^

  3. @Baby einstein – That’s great! I have gained another visitor (hopefully constant reader) who’s not into pervert searches. Thanks for visiting and please do visit again. ^_^

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